The Project Millennium Nucleus of Bioproducts, Genomics, and Environmental Microbiology (BioGEM) will lay the scientific foundations for developing new bioproducts based on native microorganisms and plant compounds.

The biocontrol of phytopathogens and the microbial degradation of contaminants are key to sustainable development.

The study of native microorganisms that synthesize antimicrobials and bioplastics has transformed the development of society.

Genomic and functional studies have been able to shorten the long path to obtaining these biological gems (biogems), but the emergence of emerging phytopathogens, soil contamination and antimicrobial resistance demands innovative research.

Unlike other national centers, BioGEM is a multidisciplinary interregional center that integrates the study of environmental microorganisms, phytopathogens, and plant species for the development of bioproducts.

The 3 multidisciplinary objectives of the project are:

  1. Genomic-based evaluation and characterization of native microorganisms from natural, agricultural and disturbed ecosystems
  2. Functional characterization of native microorganisms and plant compounds
  3. Generation and application of new bioproducts for sustainable development of agriculture, soil bioremediation and human health.